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Boiler Inspection

Our certified technicians and licensed engineers provide boiler inspections and Useful Life Studies.


Useful Life Studies result in many benefits including documented economic assessments, better maintenance budgeting, improved boiler reliability and safety, and reduced or eliminated production outages.

Boiler Inspection Methods

Our trained staff including professional engineers, AWS certified welding inspectors and ASNT Level II and III NDT technicians perform the following tasks:
Boiler Inspection
Eddy Current
Remote Field Tube Evaluation
Ultrasonic Thickness Test
Articulating Borescope
Magnetic Particle
Liquid Dye Penetrant
Vacuum Techniques
Useful Life Study
Micro-Video Borescope
Ultrasonic Weld Evaluation
Drum Ligament Evaluation
Water Scale Thickness
Staff Qualifications
Certified NDT Inspectors
Field Inspections are supported by a complete Materials Testing Laboratory
Knowledge and experience with applicable code, standards, and regulation

Examples of Boiler Inspection