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Materials Testing

Our staff of engineers and technicians test metals, plastics, ceramics and masonry materials. Both destructive and non-destructive tests are performed.


Destructive tests render the item being tested unacceptable for future use since the item is typically cut and sectioned. Non-destructive tests do not adversely affect the future utility of the part.

Materials Testing Methods

Materials Testing determines qualitative and quantitative characteristics of a material.
Mechanical Testing
Brinell Hardness
Micro Hardness
Rockwell Hardness
Hardness (On-site)
Non-Destructive Inspection (NDT)
Magnetic Particle
Liquid Dye Penetrant
Alloy Identification (On-site)
Eddy Current Testing
Ground Penetrating Radar
Remote Field Testing
Staff Qualifications
Metallurgical/Materials Engineers
Structural Engineers
Analytical Chemists
Certified NDT Inspectors
Certified Welding Inspectors

Examples of Materials Testing