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Failure Analysis

We provide the technical expertise and equipment necessary to determine the root cause of your material and/or product failure. In addition, we offer suggestions on ways to prevent failure in the future.


The root cause of failure is often due to material and fabrication defects, misuse, and/or inadequate design. We will assist you in resolving potentially costly and dangerous failures as quickly as you desire.

Failure Analysis Methods

Failure Analysis involves a variety of methods including the following:
Failure Mode
Intragranular and Transgranular Brittle Fractures
Stress Corrosion Cracking
Creep and Stress-Rupture
Material Analysis
Metallographic Examination
  • Grain Structure
  • Inclusion
Alloy Identification
Chemical Analysis
Scanning Electron Microscopy
Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
Optical Emission Spectroscopy (On-site)
Staff Qualifications
Metallurgist and Materials Engineers
Structural Engineers
Analytical Chemists

Examples of Failure Analysis