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An Overview of Briem Engineering's Services

Briem Engineering provides proficient consulting and technical services. Below is a representative list of our services.


Briem's Services

Failure Analysis
We provide technical expertise and equipment to determine the root cause of your material and/or product failure. In addition, we offer ways to prevent or minimize similar failures in the future.

Forensic Engineering
Our staff of engineers and technicians provides consultation and failure analysis for the legal community. Failure analysis is conducted on a variety of materials involving different end products.

Materials Engineering
Briem Engineering is capable of addressing a wide variety of material issues. Materials Engineering runs the gamut from failure analysis to product design review and proposed alternatives.

Materials Testing
Our technicians test metals, plastics, ceramics and masonry materials. Both destructive and non-destructive tests are performed.

Non-Destructive Inspection (NDT)

  • Structural Inspection
    Our certified NDT technicians and licensed engineers are backed by the resources of a comprehensive testing laboratory. We deliver detailed reports and recommendations pertaining to the inspection of your facility or product.

  • Tanks, Pipes & Vessels
    We will provide a comprehensive inspection of your process equipment and provide the information to take preventative measures, optimize efficiency, avoid failure, increase service life, and reverse corrosion.

  • Boiler Inspection
    Briem Engineering provides both boiler inspections and Useful Life Studies. Non-destructive inspections are routinely performed for preventive and forensic purposes. Useful Life Studies result in many benefits including fewer outages, improved safety and better budgeting.

  • HVAC Inspection

    Our staff will provide a comprehensive inspection of your HVAC equipment and provide recommendations to take preventative measures, optimize efficiency, avoid failure and increase service life.

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

    We provide the technical expertise and equipment to detect and locate the position of objects and voids beneath the surface of concrete, asphalt and soil. We locate piping, utility lines, rebar and post-tensioning rods.